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Why Host With Us?

When you host your website with Host-3, you can be confident that your organization is getting professional and reliable web hosting services.


Host-3 has been in the hosting business since 2014. Our longevity in the business allows us to provide expert insights to organizations of all sizes. Originally known as DynoHost, our website hosting service was re-branded as Host-3 as a way to provide a more diverse offering of website services to our clients.


A Customer-Focused Hosting Provider

Some hosting companies simply offer a package. Host-3 takes that a step further and provides your business with a relationship. One of the more frustrating things you may encounter is that you have to use one vendor for SSL certificates, another vendor for registering a domain and another vendor for hosting your website.


When you sign up with Host-3, you gain access to our entire product line up as well as our knowledgeable customer associates.


Our team is thrilled to help you achieve success in your online endeavors. We believe in providing our clients with simple and affordable solutions for their business. When you're successful, we're successful.


Host-3 can provide your organization with:


Shared Hosting

Dedicated Servers

SSL Certificates

SSD Storage

Unlimited Email Accounts

A Cutting-Edge Website Builder


Host-3 is Your Full Service Hosting Partner

As web hosting trends have come and gone, Host-3 has stood the test of time.


We pride ourselves in being a feature-rich hosting provider that doesn’t nickel and dime our customers.


By giving our clients the ability to choose from a Starter, Premium or Unlimited hosting package, we’ve custom tailored a package that fits your organization’s shared hosting needs.


Consequently, if your business needs a dedicated server, we can custom build a dedicated bare metal or virtual cloud server that meets and exceeds your organization’s requirements. The goal of Host-3 is to be your full-service website hosting partner.


By providing your business with a one-stop shop for dedicated servers and shared website hosting needs, Host-3 continues to build upon its reputation as being one of the most trusted hosting providers in the market today.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

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